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Metamorphic Card Creatures are an all new Origami inspired

collectable art-toy from BUTTTERFLYMACHINE


Metamorphic Card Creatures are formed from a single card, meticulously cut so that no part of the card is lost.  It can be shaped by hand into a fully realized three dimensional figure without using

tools or adhesives.


The cards are made from a rigid vinyl substrate, so they’re not fragile like regular cards. It also gives the finished 3D figures a rigid, springy quality, more like a toy, and less like origami.


Metamorphic Card Creatures are certainly on a path toward full commercialization, but for now, they are assembled by hand in a modest private studio.  Usually by the artist himself.


In the future, full scale production will mean greater quantities available for customers, and more time to focus on designing new creatures.


When designing the creatures and packaging, the artist was inspired by Classic Robot Anime, and Models, from his childhood;


    “When I was a kid, I would only get the very small models, because that's what I could afford…”


    “It was so satisfying, putting them together.  I always admired their design, and wondered how they did it…  I would spend hours sketching them and making up stories… ”


    “So, I wanted to make Card Creatures like that.”


    “Something kids could afford to buy with their own money, and have the adventure and satisfaction of putting it together on their own  –and maybe imagine new stories  -and new worlds…”


(mpc) 2018


We are proud to introduce Metamorphic Card Creatures to the world, and invite you to join us in challenging the limits of what is possible beyond the second dimension. 

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